The Ocotillo, Fouquieria splendens, also known as coachwhip, candlewood, or desert coral is a shrub known for its unique looks. The Ocotillo has long cane-like stems that branch from a base at different angles. These stems are mainly leafless, but produce clusters of bright red flowers from the stem’s tips, after which it was named.

The Ocotillo is a common and adaptable desert plant that is native to the south of the United States and northern deserts of Mexico, preferring open and very rocky habitats with well-drained soil. The lifespan of the Ocotillo is between 60 to 100 years.


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Shrubs, also described interchangeably as bushes, are small to medium-sized plants with woody above ground stems. With multiple stems and heights that are shorter than trees, shrubs are distinguished from bushes by being cultivated and shaped in garden settings and more upright foliage.

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