Pinball Machines

Dimensioned drawings of the front, side, and plan of a Pinball Machine

Pinball is a type of arcade machine played in a pinball machine, or pinball table, where players score points by maneuvering steel balls within the machine cabinet. Pinball machines often include stories based on popular culture to theme the playing field, points, and bonus targets. Players manipulate the steel balls through flippers that protect the ball from a drain at the bottom of play. Pinball machines are comprised of a main cabinet for play, a backbox for keeping score, and angled legs for stability.

Pinball machines vary between machines but typically have an overall length of 51” (130 cm), width of 28.5” (72 cm), and height of 75.5” (192 cm). The playing surface is set at a slope of 6.5°.


*Under Development*


Length (Overall): 51” | 130 cm
Height (Overall): 75.5” | 192 cm
Width (Overall): 28.5” | 72 cm
Height (Cabinet): 15.5”-24” | 39-61 cm
Width (Cabinet): 22” | 56 cm
Slope (Surface): 6.5°



Drawings include:
Pinball Machine front elevation, side, plan, side (pinball player)


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