Potted Cacti

Drawing of a row of varied Potted Cacti with dimensions and a cat for scale

Indoor potted cacti grow in a myriad of strange, unique, and wonderful shapes and sizes and add low-maintenance personality to any space. Easy to grow indoors, the only attention that a cactus needs is the provision of bright light and fast draining soil. Cacti can grow as a single stem and over time may grow multiple stems and arms within a single pot. These common desert houseplants can thrive in indoor environments and may even boast beautiful flowing blooms in the right conditions.

Potted Cacti


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Drawings include:
Potted Cacti elevations

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A cactus, part of the plant family Cactaceae, is a spiny succulent plant typically found in dry environments. With a wide range of shapes and sizes, cacti are drought resistant by conserving water, evolving without leaves, and using spines to reduce air flow and provide shade over their surfaces.

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