Scuba Divers (Male)

Series of outline silhouette drawings of male scuba divers swimming

Scuba divers are humans that go dive deep in water to explore with the aid of oxygen. Scuba divers wear oxygen tanks on their backs, wet suits, goggles, masks, and flippers to be able to swim in areas normally inaccessible by free diving. Scuba divers have to be licensed as there are risks of injury or death associated with scuba diving.

Scuba Divers (Male)


*Under Development*

Clothing Style:
Scuba Gear

Drawings include:
Scuba Divers (Male) side elevations

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Swimming is the activity of moving through water by coordinating the movement of a person’s body and limbs. Typically performed as a type of recreation, exercise, or sport, swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities around the world and is often required as a compulsory skill.

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