Pool Floats - Rafts - Female (Plan)

Plan drawings of women in various poses on pool floats labeled with length and width dimensions for typical pool rafts

Rafts are long, usually rectangular flotation devices for use in a pool. Rafts can be either inflatable or constructed out of a coated foam. Rafts typically feature an elevated head rest to promote comfortable relaxation in the pool. Rafts are good for tanning, as they allow the user to float completely flat and expose either their entire front or back for an even tan.

Aerial drawing of women floating on pool rafts in assorted positions


*Under Development*


Raft Sizes (Varies):
70”-90” | 178-229 cm
26”-34” | 66-86 cm
Vinyl, foam

Clothing Style:


Drawings include:
Women Floating with Pool Rafts plan view

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Swimming is the activity of moving through water by coordinating the movement of a person’s body and limbs. Typically performed as a type of recreation, exercise, or sport, swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities around the world and is often required as a compulsory skill.

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