Powerlifting is a strength training sport that consists of lifting or squatting your maximum weight on three attempts. The three exercises that are in the sport are squat, bench press, and deadlift. There are two types of powerlifting: equipped powerlifting or raw powerlifting. The difference between the two types is whether you would want to wear equipment; such as, knee wraps, squat suits, and a tight shirt or suit. During competitions, powerlifters are judged by gender, weight class, and age.

How do you start powerlifting?

Powerlifting starts by joining a gym and gradually getting stronger by working out with lower weights and moving up to higher weights and reps so that you can achieve the max weight you can do. Powerlifting involves one rep of max weight you can lift.

How do you prepare for a powerlifting meet?

Preparing for powerlifting completions and meets require a set of rules: first, you must make each rep look like it’ll be the last one. Second, make the heavyweight move quickly rather than slowly. Third, not exhausting and destroying yourself. Finally, improving after each session.

What is the difference between powerlifting and Olympic lifting?

The aim of Olympic weightlifting is to execute two overhead lifts with a good technique such as clean and jerk or snatch. On the other hand, powerlifting is less technical and is more focused on completing three lifts: controlled, heavy lifts known as squat, bench press and deadlift.

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