Sumo is a type of combative sport, where two individuals attempt to throw the opposing player onto the ground or outside of the rounded boundary. Invented and practiced in Japan, the sport is typically preformed by sumo wrestlers who are heavier set in weight and thereby stronger in force. The main objective of Sumo wrestling is to have the opposing opponent hit the ground with any part of the body other than the soles of their feet, or to push them outside the circular playing ring. With characteristics similar to professional wrestling, the sport is often watched for entertainment.

What do sumo wrestlers eat?

Sumo wrestlers eat high-calorie meals throughout the day that combine vegetables and protein to maximize weight and strength. An example of a typical Japanese meal for a sumo wrestler is nabe (stew or broth) filled with fish, vegetables, and a type of meat.

How much do sumo wrestlers weigh?

Sumo wrestlers can weigh up to 150 kilograms (330 pounds). In other to achieve this weight, sumo wrestlers need to consume around 20,000 calories a day which is 10 times an average adult calorie intake. Sumo wrestlers also need to maintain a healthy diet when eating so much so they can be quick on their feet.

What are the rules of sumo?

Two simple rules: if anybody other than your feet touches the ground, you lose and if you step outside the ring, you lose. Other than the two rules, there are rules sumo wrestlers must know before they enter the ring: no hairpulling or eye-gouging.


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