Net sports are sports where two opposing players or teams compete while being separated by a regulated net that sets the scoring and rules of the game. Games involving nets may include special equipment such as rackets, but others, like volleyball, only require that the players use only their hands to hit the ball over the net to the opposing side. Scoring in net sports are most often determined when the opponent does not return the ball back across the net, or lets it touch the ground or bounce twice depending on the sport. Net sports promote multiple athletic skills while also remaining approachable by the average player. The equipment required for net sports are lightweight and affordable which allows for humans of all ages to join these games.

Net Sports

Tennis Ball
2.575”-2.7” | 6.54-6.86 cm (Diameter)
View of a Tennis Ball in 3D available for download
2.874”-2.972” | 73-75.5 mm (Diameter)
3D model of a Pickleball viewed in perspective
8.15”-8.39” | 20.7-21.3 cm (Diameter)
Perspective view of a 3D model of a Volleyball
Tennis Net
36” | 91.4 cm (Center); 42” | 106.7 cm (Net Post)
3D model of a Tennis Net viewed in perspective
Volleyball Net
7’4.35"-7’ 11.7” | 2.24-2.43 m
3D model of a Volleyball Net viewed in perspective