Archery is a sport where competitors use a bow to shoot arrows at a target. The target consists of concentric circles, each with a different score value; the closer to the center, the higher the score. Archery requires precision, focus, control, and physical strength. There are several types of archery, including target archery, where archers shoot at stationary circular targets at varying distances, and field archery, involving shooting at targets of varying sizes and distances, often in a wooded setting.

Archery is popular worldwide, with significant followings in countries like South Korea, the United States, and Great Britain. Major competitions include the Olympic Games, the Archery World Cup, and various national and international championships.


Archery, originally practiced for hunting and warfare, has been around for thousands of years. It evolved from a survival skill into a form of entertainment and competition in various cultures. In medieval times, archery was crucial in warfare, especially in Europe and Asia. As firearms emerged, archery's military significance declined, but it found a new role as a sport. In the 18th and 19th centuries, archery clubs and societies began forming, particularly in England and the United States.

The sport gained further prominence with its inclusion in the modern Olympic Games in 1900. Over time, advancements in bow design and materials have enhanced the precision and range of archery, solidifying its status as a competitive and recreational activity.


Archery is evolving with a focus on inclusivity and technological advancements. Modern equipment, like more advanced bows and arrow designs, is enhancing precision and performance. The sport is also becoming more accessible, with growing participation at the grassroots level and increased opportunities for youth and diverse demographics.

Competitive archery is expanding beyond traditional target archery to include variations like 3D archery, where archers shoot at life-sized models of animals in a simulated natural setting. The integration of technology in training and analytics is helping archers refine their skills. These developments are making archery more dynamic and appealing, ensuring its continued popularity as a competitive and recreational sport.

Common Questions
Common Questions
How do you make an archery target?

Take an empty box (or create your own with wood) and fill it with old clothing, foam plank, or stacked cardboard. Then seal it tight with a tarp and put a circle for a target or spray paint a symbol or circle. You could also make a target by getting a bale of hay or straw to shot at.

Where did archery originate?

Dating back to the Stone Age, Archery was used for hunting and warfare around 20,000BC, Archery as a sport was first introduced in the early 1900s as it was easy to manufacture bows and arrows. Archery has been seen in all regions of the world early in its existence so the origin is unclear.

Who is the god of archery?

Artemis is a goddess of the archery, hunting and the moon. She is a master archer along with her twin god Apollo. There are legends of the gods of archery being able to shoot arrows for miles to hit their targets.


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71” | 180.3 cm
48” | 122 cm
60.5” | 153.7 cm
80-95 lb | 36.3-43.1 kg
Archery Target Stand
Archery Target Stand3D model of a Archery Target Stand viewed in perspective3D model of a Archery Target Stand viewed in perspective
31.5” | 80 cm (Diameter)
8”-10” | 20.3-25.4 cm (Block)
FITA Compound Target
FITA Compound TargetView of a FITA Compound Target in 3D available for downloadView of a FITA Compound Target in 3D available for download
48” | 122 cm (Diameter)
10”-15” | 25.4-38.1 cm (Block)
18 lb | 8.2 kg (Typical)
FITA Recurve Target - Olympic
FITA Recurve Target - OlympicPerspective view of a 3D model of a FITA Recurve Target (Olympic Target)Perspective view of a 3D model of a FITA Recurve Target (Olympic Target)