Burrow Nomad Sofa

Dimensioned drawings of the Burrow Nomad Sofa measuring length, depth, and height

Described as the centerpiece of Burrow’s Nomad Collection, the Nomad Sofa is a contemporary reinterpretation of a 20th century sofa. Advertised as a three-seater sofa, the light-weight, modular design of Burrow’s Nomad Sofa allows this timeless piece to grow and expand according to the lifestyle of its user. Available in a five fabric colors, three leg finishes, and two armrest heights, this durable sofa is crafted out of a sturdy Baltic Birch frame and a stain and scratch resistant olefin fiber weave. Without compromising the integrity of the Nomad Sofa’s design, Burrow incorporated a built-in USB charger to accommodate for electronic devices while lounging around.

The Burrow Nomad Sofa has an overall height of 35” (89 cm), length of 86” (218 cm), and depth of 36” (91 cm). The Burrow Nomad Sofa has a seat height set at 17” (43 cm) and an arm height of 25” (64 cm).


*Under Development*

35” | 89 cm
36” | 91 cm
86” | 218 cm
Seat Height:
17” | 43 cm
Arm Height:
25” | 64 cm

Fabric or leather upholstery; hardwood legs; plywood and particleboard frame


Drawings include:
Burrow Nomad Sofa front elevation, front (man sitting), back, side, plan

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Sofas, also known as couches or settees, are furniture pieces used for seating two or more people. Unlike benches, sofas are typically designed with upholstered cushions, seat backs, and armrests. Sofas are often the signature piece of a living room, lounge, lobby, office, hotel, or bar.