Crouching - Men (Front)

Collection of detailed illustrations of men crouching as viewed from the front

Crouching is used to make one’s self smaller to hide, go under an object, or to fit in a small space. People crouch by folding their knees and bending their back forward. People can walk in a crouch if they are trying to sneak. Crouching can be used in hide and seek to be less detectable by other players.

Assorted outline silhouette drawings of men crouching as viewed from the front


*Under Development*

Clothing Style:


Drawings include:
Men crouching front elevations

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Crouching, or squatting, is a position in which the weight of the body is on the feet, but the legs are bent, either fully or partially. The quality of the squat can vary greatly, in which one, both, or neither of the heels touch the ground and the legs touch each other or are spread far apart.

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