Human Spacing - Personal Space

Personal space is the physical distance immediately surrounding someone where any infringement of this space feels uncomfortable. This distance can vary from one person to another depending on the relationship between the people. Invasions of personal space can come from physical violations, and also from the sensory domain like noise pollution; the latter can be equally troubling.

Personal space varies depending on the situation and the interaction. A spacing of 0”-18” (0-45.7 cm) between people is often considered as being an intrusion of personal space, while a distance of 18”-30” (45.7-76.2 cm) is typically a comfortable zone for maintaining personal space. Being in the zone of 30”-48” (76.2-121.9 cm) apart is on the upper range of a personal distance.


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Personal Space (Close): 0”-18” | 0-45.7 cm

Personal Space (Comfortable): 18”-30” | 45.7-76.2 cm

Personal Space (Far): 30”-48” | 76.2-121.9 cm

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Human Spacing - Personal Space diagrammatic side elevation


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