Grasshopper Floor Lamp

Elevation and plan drawings of the Grasshopper Floor Lamp with dimensions

The Grasshopper Floor Lamp is designed with three legs that combine into one leaned arm which bends at the top for a cone shaped metal shade. Designed by Swedish immigrant Greta Grossman, the Grasshopper lamp was one of many furniture pieces which gained popularity when it was released in Los Angeles in 1948. The lamp is created out of a lithe frame with a conical shade, and comes in a variety of colors including black, red, and Andorra. Much like Greta herself, the Grasshopper lamp has become an iconic testament to the beginning of the single women’s liberation movement.

The Grasshopper Floor Lamp has an overall height of 49.25" (125 cm).


*Under Development*

49.25” | 125 cm
17.25” | 44 cm

Width: 15” | 38 cm

Powder-coated steel frame and shade; brass hardware
Greta Magnusson Grossman


Drawings include:
Grasshopper Floor Lamp side elevation, front, back, plan

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Floor lamps are tall freestanding light fixtures that can be easily rearranged within a space. Typically supported by a tall pole inserted into a weighted base, floor lamps are commonly used in residential settings as an essential and functional component of a living room or reading room layout.