Superloon LED Floor Lamp

Set of dimensioned drawings of the Superloon LED Floor Lamp measuring heights and widths in multiple views

The Superloon LED Floor Lamp is designed with tripod style legs, a half crescent support and a flat circular edge-lit piece atop. Designed by Jasper Morrison, the piece was created with LED edge lighting as an object meant to look new yet feel familiar. The Superloon LED Floor Lamp is crafted with either a painted or chrome-plated aluminum frame and an LED silk screened diffuser disc that is mounted to a gyroscopic axis through die-cast joints. Jasper considers himself to be a conceptual designer, thus the floor lamp is meant to lightly resemble a moon and exhibit the modern wonders of LED technology.

The Superloon LED Floor Lamp has an overall height of 77.75" (197 cm).


*Under Development*

77.75” | 197 cm
28.5” | 72 cm

Shade Diameter: 29.75” | 76 cm

Aluminum frame and diffuser disc; PMMA silk-screened diffuser
Jasper Morrison


Drawings include:
Superloon LED Floor Lamp front elevation, side, plan


2D Downloads

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Floor lamps are tall freestanding light fixtures that can be easily rearranged within a space. Typically supported by a tall pole inserted into a weighted base, floor lamps are commonly used in residential settings as an essential and functional component of a living room or reading room layout.