Mantis BS1 B Floor Lamp

Collection of elevation and plan drawings of the Mantis BS1 B Floor Lamp with overall height and length measurements

The Mantis BS1 B Floor Lamp is a design of Bernard Schottlander from England that combines flexibility and balance to bring the feeling of movement in a room. Its elegant metal shade gives it a unique expression, and the round base plate supports a 360 rotation of its thin counterweighted metal leg and tilting to four different angles.

The Mantis BS1 B Floor Lamp has an overall height between 62”-66.5” (157-169 cm) and length from 27”-42.5” (69-108 cm). The lamp shade has a diameter of 10.75” (27 cm) with a base diameter of 11.5” (29 cm).


*Under Development*

62”-66.5” | 157-169 cm
27”-42.5” | 69-108 cm

Shade Diameter: 10.75” | 27 cm
Base Diameter: 11.5” | 29 cm

Aluminum shade; steel arm and base
Bernard Schottlander


Drawings include:
Mantis BS1 B Floor Lamp front elevation, side, plan

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Floor lamps are tall freestanding light fixtures that can be easily rearranged within a space. Typically supported by a tall pole inserted into a weighted base, floor lamps are commonly used in residential settings as an essential and functional component of a living room or reading room layout.