Judo Competition Area

Dimensioned plan drawing of a Judo Competition Area measured with length and width

The Judo Competition Area is a vinyl-covered foam mat, or tatami surface, that provides the most effective shock absorption in the combat sport of Judo. The playing area has a red outer meter surrounding it, known as the danger area, where competitors are allowed a few minutes before they can attempt to throw an opponent or risk being penalized.

Inside the ring are two judges who sit at the outer corners diagonal to each other while the referee is in the contest area. The blue and white lines fixed on the floor represent the position where the blue and white contestants stand facing each other, with the blue contestant standing on the right side of the referee and white contestant on the left side.

Drawing of a Judo Competition Area compared to other similar sports competition areas

Judo Competition Areas have an overall length and width between 26.25’-32.8’ (8-10 m) for a total area of 689-1076 ft² (64-100 m²). The Danger Zone at the end of the contest area has a width of 35.43”-39.37” (.9-1 m) with a outer safety area of 9.84’ (3 m).


*Under Development*

1.5”-2” | 38.1-50.8 mm
26.25’-32.8’ | 8-10 m (Contest)
26.25’-32.8’ | 8-10 m (Contest)

Danger Zone: 35.43”-39.37” | .9-1 m
Safety Area: 9.84’ | 3 m
Start Position Separation: 9.84’-12’ | 3-3.64 m
Overall Area (Clearance): 2422-2755 ft² | 225-256 m²
Surface Materials: Polyurethane foam, rubber foam, or Tatami (Traditional)



Drawings include:
Judo Competition Area plan

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Judo is a Japanese style of martial arts involving the training of an individuals mental and physical skills. Created in 1882 by Jigoro Kano, Judo was designed as a competitive combat sport where individuals work to takedown their opponent and pin, choke, or hold them to the ground.

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1.5”-2” | 38.1-50.8 mm
26.25’-32.8’ | 8-10 m (Contest)
26.25’-32.8’ | 8-10 m (Contest)
689-1076 ft² | 64-100 m² (Contest)
Judo Competition Area
Judo Competition Area3D model of a Judo Competition Area viewed in perspective3D model of a Judo Competition Area viewed in perspective