Beer Pong Shot Techniques

Side elevation diagram illustrating typical Beer Pong Shot Techniques that include arc, laser, and bounce shots

Beer pong shot techniques refer to the various styles and rules of throwing the ping pong ball in a game of beer pong. Varying with team strategies and individual personal quirks when throwing the ball, the way you throw the ball has a direct impact on the game. Regardless of the shot type, players must throw the ball with their elbow behind the back edge of the table—this is referred to as the Elbow Rule. The three main throwing techniques used by beer pong players are the arc shot, the fastball or laser shot, and the bounce shot.

Arc shots are released higher and drop into the cups from above while fastball shots are thrown in a line directly at the back of the target cup. On the other hand, the bounce shot requires that the player bounces the ball beyond the center line of the table and into a cup in a single bounce. Opposing teams that see a player attempting a bounce shot have the opportunity to swat the ball away from the beer pong table after it bounces. Because bounce shots are difficult to sneak by the opposing team, successful bounce shots count as two cups.


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Arc: From above
Fastball | Laser: Straight and fast
Bounce: Beyond center line (2 Cups if successful)

Elbow Rule: Elbow cannot pass the table edge



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Beer Pong Shot Techniques side elevation diagram (people)


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Beer Pong, otherwise known as Beirut, is a popular drinking game where players are challenged to throw a standard ping pong ball into the opposing team's cups from the end of a table. Beer Pong is played in teams of two with each player taking one shot per round until all cups are cleared.