Kitchen Tables

Kitchen tables are pieces of furniture that have a flat smooth surface supported by one or more legs and are generally found in shared common spaces of the home. Typically smaller than a formal dining table, kitchen tables are efficient and adaptable to various kitchen setups. Today with apartments and homes becoming more multi-functional, kitchen tables have taken on a much more central role in space planning. The kitchen table is now seen as a shared space for doing work, collecting mail, eating meals, and playing games.

Kitchen tables have surfaces that are generally between 28”-30” (71-76 cm) from the floor with tabletop surfaces that come in any shape, size, and style.


*Under Development*

28”-30” | 71-76 cm
36” | 91 cm
36” | 91 cm

Shapes: Any
Leg Types: Pedestal, legs, plank
Uses: Kitchen, small dining areas
Benefits: Utility, multi-use, communal



Drawings include:
Kitchen Table and Chair side elevation (girl and computer)


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Dining Tables are pieces of furniture designed specifically for formal dining. Commonly sized small with four seats for small families or larger with space for six or more seats for group gatherings, dining tables are the most central element when organizing a dining room layout at home.