Potted Palms

The Potted Palm is a houseplant that is exclusively grown within indoor spaces and is kept inside for decorative purposes and air purification. The Potted Palm can grow tall at a slow pace and has feather-like leaves. It is a versatile plant as it can be moved as needed between spaces.

The Potted Palm requires constant care and attention by the owner. They need adequate soil, light levels, moisture, fertilizer as well as the correct pot size. The Potted Palm is the most popular plant grown indoors and has an average lifespan of 15 years.


*Under Development*


Height: 42” | 106 cm
Width: 36” | 91 cm



Drawings include:
Potted Palm elevation (detail)

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Indoor plants, also called houseplants, are plants grown indoors for decorative, psychological or air purification purposes. With a variety of plant shapes, heights, sizes, and custom pots designs to use, indoor plants are often a great addition to any interior space.

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