Bird of Paradise

Elevation drawings of multiple Bird of Paradise plants in a row with varying heights

The Bird of Paradise, known scientifically as the genus of strelitzia, is a tall tropical plant with broad arched leaves. Grown as part of an outdoor landscape or indoors in large pots, birds of paradise have earned their nickname due to their colorful flowers that are reminiscent of the bird species birds-of-paradise. Birds of paradise grow well in standard humidity, bright light, and moist, rich, and well-draining soil.

The Bird of Paradise plant typically ranges in height from 36"-60" (91.4-152.4 cm), but can grow to over 72" (182.9 cm).

How tall is a Bird of Paradise plant?
A Bird of Paradise can grow to over 6’ | 1.83 m high with common variants ranging between 3’-5’ | .9-1.5 m in height.
How do you care for a Bird of Paradise plant?
Birds of paradise grow well in fairly standard household conditions of typical humidity, bright light, and moist, rich, and well-draining soil.
How much should you water a Bird of Paradise Plant?
A Bird of Paradise plant should be watered regularly with the soil remaining moist in the spring and summer seasons and dry between waterings in the fall and winter months.


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Height (Typical): 3’-5’ | .9-1.5 m
Height (Maximum): Over 6’ | 1.83 m
Leaf Width: 6” | 15 cm
Leaf Length: 18” | 46 cm
Appearance: Tall, tropical, broad arched leaves
Climate: Tropical
Care: Bright light, moist rich soil, typical household humidity
Scientific Name: Strelitzia



Drawings include:
Bird of Paradise elevation (multiple heights)

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