Paddle Plants

Multiple drawings of Paddle Plants in elevation with dimensions for average heights of plant growth

Paddle Plants, scientifically known as Kalanchoe luciae, is a stocky succulent with round paddle shaped leaves. Found naturally in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland, the edges of the paddle plant become tinged with pink when stressed with direct sunlight and cool temperatures. Paddle plants are easy to maintain in indoor environments due to their drought resistant properties and preference for bright light, average humidity levels, and dry (or medium moist) well-drained soils. Paddle plants should only be watered when the soil has completely dried out.

Paddle plants grow to heights between 1’-2’ (30.5-61 cm) with spring blooming stalks of 2’-3’ (61-91.4 cm).

How tall is a Paddle Plant?
Paddle plants grow to between 1’-2’ | 30-60 cm in height with stalks of 2’-3’ | 60-90 cm grown during spring blooms.
How do you care for a Paddle plant?
Paddle Plants are drought and salt resistant and do well in bright light, average humidity levels, and dry (or medium moist) well-drained soils.
How much should you water a Paddle Plant?
Paddle plants should be watered only when the soil has completely dried out.


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Height (Typical): 1’-2’ | 30-60 cm
Height (Maximum): 2’-3’ | 60-90 cm stalk (spring bloom)
Leaf Width: 6”-8” | 15-20 cm
Leaf Length: 8” | 20 cm
Appearance: Thick, stocky, fleshy, round/paddle shaped leaves
Climate: Desert (Succulent)
Care: Bright light, average humidity, dry to medium moisture well-drained soil
Scientific Name: Kalanchoe luciae



Drawings include:
Paddle Plants front elevation (multiple)

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