Straight-Run Stairs

Collection of dimensioned drawings of a Straight-Run Stair measured in elevation in plan

Straight-Run Stairs are stairs without changes in any direction. They are one of the most common types of stairs found in both residential and commercial properties. This type of stair has many advantages; they are the easiest to go up and down, the easiest to build, and the railing and handrails are relatively easy to build. Further, Straight-Run Stairs only need to be connected at the top and the bottom with no intermediate supporting structure. However, they use a fair amount of linear space, and compared to other stair types that create a privacy barrier, Straight-Run Stairs do not offer this.


*Under Development*


Width (Min.): 36” | 91.4 cm
Rise (Max.): 7” | 18 cm
Run (Min.): 11” | 28 cm
Landing (Min.): 36” | 91.4 cm
Handrail Height: 34”-38” | 86.5-96.5 cm



Drawings include:
Straight-Run Stairs side elevation, side (person), front, plan

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Stairs, stairways, staircases, or stairwells, are building components that provide users with a means of vertical movement with the distribution of separate and individual vertical steps. In buildings, a flight of stairs refers to a complete series of steps that connects between two distinct floors.

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