Volleyball Dig

Collection of drawings of women performing the Volleyball Dig

A Volleyball Dig is performed to prevent the ball from touching the court after a Spike or Attack, usually a ball that is almost touching the ground. In many ways, a Dig is similar to Passing or Bumping, and like a Pass, the arm position stays the same. However, Digging is a much more reflex based skill, especially at higher levels, as the ball is coming from a downward trajectory. When Digging, it is important for the player to stay on their toes, and many players will choose to employ a split step to make sure they are ready to move in any direction.

Group of illustrations of male volleyball players using the volleyball dig

Collection of outline illustrations of Volleyball Digs with men and women


*Under Development*


Skill Type: Defensive



Drawings include:
Volleyball Dig assorted (men, women)


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Volleyball is a team sport in which players use their hands to hit a ball over the net in an attempt to land the ball on the opponent’s ground. Each team of six players has a maximum of three consecutive touches, a rally, to attempt to return the ball across the net.