FITA Recurve Target - Olympic

Elevation drawings of a FITA Recurve Target (Olympic) showing dimensioned analysis of their diameter, ring sizes, and depth

A FITA Recurve Target is the Olympic sized target used within the sport of target archery. FITA stands for Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc, the organization who controls the sport of archery. There are different sizes of FITA targets and each is marked with 10 evenly spaced rings emerging from the center. Each ring has a score value that ranges from 1 to 10. The coloring of a FITA target changes in accordance with the rings. Ring 1 and 2 are white, ring 3 and 4 are black, and ring 5 and 6 are blue. Ring 7 and 8 are red, and ring 9 and 10 are yellow.

FITA Recurve Targets (Olympic Size) have a regulated diameter of 48” (122 cm) and depths of 10”-15” (25.4-38.1 cm). Each consecutive ring in a FITA Recurve Target increases by a radius of 4.8" (12.2 cm). FITA Targets should be angled at 10°-15° from vertical.


*Under Development*

48” | 122 cm (Diameter)
10”-15” | 25.4-38.1 cm (Block)
18 lb | 8.2 kg (Typical)

Rings: 4.8” | 12.2 cm radius increases

Center Height: 48” | 121.9 cm

Target Angle: 10°-15° from vertical
Materials: Paper, vinyl, or plastic target face; bale, foam, woven polypropylene block targets



Drawings include:
FITA Recurve Target front elevation, side

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Archery is a sport where an individual attempts to shoot an arrow with a bow towards a target placed at varying distances away. Today, archery is practiced and preformed competitively in amateur and olympic settings, where individuals shoot and score based on the distance and accuracy of the shot.