Collection of drawings of the MR Side Chair with measurements for height, width and depth

The MR Side Chair, designed by famed architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and produced by Knoll, is considered one of the most iconic chair designs of the 20th century. A dramatic cantilevered design made possible by his revolutionary use of tubular stainless steel, the MR Side Chair was originally conceived as Mies’ contribution to the 1927 Weissenhof exhibit in Stuttgart, Germany. His aim to produce an intuitively accessible and ergonomic seat resulted in a minimalist, yet radical design that epitomized the International Style. The steel frame is complemented by a choice of leather or hand woven natural cane seat material.

The MR Side Chair has an overall height of 31.0” (79 cm), width of 27.25" (69 cm) , and depth of 27.25” (69 cm). The seat height of the MR Side Chair is set at 18.0” (46 cm).


*Under Development*

31.0” | 79 cm
19.25” | 49 cm
27.25” | 69 cm
Seat Height:
18.0” | 46 cm

Polished-chrome steel frame; natural cane or leather surfaces
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


Drawings include:
MR Side Chair side elevation, side (person), front, back, plan


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Side chairs are a versatile and practical furniture item that is easy to move and rearrange. By definition, side chairs are single person chairs that do not have arms. Side chairs come in a large variety of styles, materials, and shapes and are common for most environments.