Drawings of the Result Chair dimensioned in plan and elevation

Born out of a 1958 collaboration between Dutch designers Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld, the Result Chair has stood the test of time in becoming an icon of classroom layouts around the globe. Discontinued after its initial appearance during the 60s and 70s, the Result Chair has since been brought back into production by HAY and has been popularized for its use in contemporary home interiors and commercial spaces in addition to its reappearance in educational facilities throughout the world.

This practical and minimalist chair has a sheet steel frame that supports a molded plywood seat and back covered in a choice of lacquered or stained oak veneer.

The Result Chair has an overall height of 32” (81 cm), width of 18" (46 cm) and depth of 19.25” (49 cm). The seat height of the Result Chair is set at 18.25” (46 cm).


*Under Development*

32” | 81 cm
18” | 46 cm
19.25” | 49 cm
Seat Height:
18.25” | 46 cm

Sheet steel frame; molded plywood seat and back
Friso Kramer & Wim Rietveld


Drawings include:
Result Chair side elevation, side (person), front, back, plan


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Side chairs are a versatile and practical furniture item that is easy to move and rearrange. By definition, side chairs are single person chairs that do not have arms. Side chairs come in a large variety of styles, materials, and shapes and are common for most environments.