Nakashima Straight-Back Chair

Dimensioned drawings of the Nakashima Straight-Back Chair with measurements in plan and elevation

The Nakashima Straight-Back Chair was the product of a philosophy that furniture should be treated as everyday functional objects and not precious possessions. Commissioned by Knoll in 1946, the Nakashima Straight-Back Chair was designed by architect George Nakashima and manifests his self-proclaimed Japanese Shaker style.

Even at the mass production level, this chair successfully maintains its sculptural lines and fine craftsmanship that recall traditional Japanese joinery. With its solid walnut frame and solid hickory spindles, the Nakashima Straight-Back Chair would complement a mid-century style dining or kitchen table of similar materiality.

The Nakashima Straight-Back Chair has an overall height of 30” (76 cm), width of 22.5" (57 cm), and depth of 20” (51 cm). The seat height of the Nakashima Straight-Back Chair is set at 17” (43 cm).


*Under Development*

30” | 76 cm
22.5” | 57 cm
20” | 51 cm
Seat Height:
17” | 43 cm

Solid walnut
George Nakashima


Drawings include:
Nakashima Straight-Back Chair side elevation, side (person), front, back, plan


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