Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple’s Magic Keyboard is a rechargeable wireless computer keyboard designed with an ultra-thin profile. With enhanced key features and a custom scissor mechanism below each key, the Apple Magic Keyboard provides an accurate and comfortable typing experience. The Magic Keyboard includes a lightning to USB cable for charging when needed.

The Apple Magic Keyboard has a height that angles from .16”-.43” (4.1-10.9 mm), width of 10.98” (27.9 cm), depth of 4.52” (11.49 cm), and weighs .51 lb (.231 kg). The Apple Magic Keyboard was released in 2015.

What are the dimensions of the Apple Magic Keyboard?
The Apple Magic Keyboard has a width of 10.98” | 27.9 cm, depth of 4.52” | 11.49 cm, and slightly angled height that grows from .16” | 4.1 mm to .43” | 10.9 mm.
How often do I have to recharge the Apple Magic Keyboard?
Each charge of the Apple Magic Keyboard will last roughly one month.
Is the Apple Magic Keyboard compatible with a Windows PC?
Yes, Apple Magic Keyboards are designed for Mac computers but are compatible with PC’s that have bluetooth devices enabled.


*Under Development*

.16”-.43” | 4.1-10.9 mm
10.98” | 27.9 cm
4.52” | 11.49 cm
.51 lb | .231 kg


Drawings include:
Apple Magic Keyboard front elevation, side, plan


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