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Digital devices, or gadgets, are ingenious electronic tools that humans use to perform certain tasks or make life easier or more efficient. Often referring to small devices, the term gadget first appeared in the 18th century as a tool used for glassmaking. Today, a gadget would mean several things and often used interchangeably to describe a useful device. Devices have grown in both use and impact because of technological changes, computer developments, and changes in human priorities and needs. Modern gadgets include devices or personal devices like phones, home appliances, watches and many more. The use of devices also varies from general-purpose to performing complicated tasks like measuring heart rates and distances travelled.

What are the most common everyday devices used today?

The most common everyday devices used today are tablets, routers, kindles, wireless mice, and iPhones. Wireless charging pads, desktop computers, laptops, AirPods, smart watches, USB chargers, and wearable technology are also popular everyday devices. Other common everyday devices include smart TVs, streaming media players, consoles, and VR kits are common everyday devices used today.

What is an accelerometer used for in mobile devices?

Accelerometers are used in mobile devices to detect changes in orientation, help tell the phone which way is up and down, and tell the screen to rotate. They are one of the most used features in the smartphone experience and are often taken by granted by people who do now know how the gadget works.

What is an iOS device?

An iOS device is an electronic device that runs the platform iOS. iOS is the operating system developed and created by Apple Inc. The iOS platform is the second most popular operating system after Android. Examples of iOS devices include the iPad, iPad Touch, and iPhone.

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