Gina Gogean

Group of drawings of Gina Gogean in a range of gymnastic positions labeled with overall height

She may have been criticized for lacking artistry and expression, but the retired Romanian gymnast Gina Gogean winning three world championships in the floor exercise, two in the vault, and one in the balance beam should prove critics wrong. Gina has a collection of thirty medals from international competitions such as the World Championship, Olympic Games, and Continental Championships. Besides, she helped her country win two Olympic team medals and three successive world titles. She is also an Olympic silver medalist, world champion silver medalist, and European champion. Her successes have granted her admission into the International Hall of Fame.

Set of outline illustrations of Gina Gogean in assorted gymnastic positions

Gina Gogean has a height of 4’11” (1.50 m).

How tall is Gina Gogean?
Gina Gogean is 4 foot 11 inches (1.50 m) tall.


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4’11” | 1.50 m

Nationality: Romania

Years Active: 1989-1998

September 9, 1978


Drawings include:
Gina Gogean standing, gymnastics (various)

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Gymnastics is a sport which includes athletic tasks requiring training in coordination, agility, strength and balance. Popularized in ancient Greece, gymnastics began as a form of training and slowly became an exhibition of strength and agility in both groups and individuals.