Set of dimensioned elevation drawings of the Nintendo DS Lite measured with height, width, and depth

The Nintendo DS Lite, the second model of the Nintendo DS family, is a redesign of the original Nintendo DS that is slimmer and more lightweight. It was released in June of 2006 following its March announcement after receiving demand for the original model.

Although the Nintendo DS Lite is compatible with Gameboy games, DS games, and the DS headset, it uses an AC power adapter that differs from its predecessor. Changes and features of the Nintendo DS Lite include: four levels of brightness, softer feeling buttons, and the relocation of the microphone, start, and select buttons.

The Nintendo DS Lite has a closed height of 2.9” (74 mm), open height of 5.47” (139 mm), width of 5.2” (133 mm), depth of .85” (21.5 mm), and approximate weight of 7.7 oz (.218 kg). The display size of the Nintendo DS Lite is 3.8” (97 mm) with a resolution of 256 x 192 px.


*Under Development*

2.9” | 74 mm (Closed); 5.47” | 139 mm (Open)
5.2” | 133 mm
.85” | 21.5 mm
Display Size:
3.8” | 97 mm
256 x 192 px
7.7 oz | .218 kg


Drawings include:
Nintendo DS Lite front elevation, top, side


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