Kayu Teak Dining Table

Drawings of the Kayu Teak Dining Table with dimensions on the elevations and plan

The Kayu Teak Dining Table is a straightforward and durable solid teak wood table with sharp rectilinear modern lines. Designed exclusively by Design Within Reach in 2009 along with an accompanying Kayu Teak Dining Bench, the Kayu Teak Dining Table is left unfinished to allow for the warm teak wood to naturally patina over time with minimal maintenance.

The Kayu Teak Dining Table has an overall length of 78.75” (200 cm), width of 39.5” (100.3 cm), and height of 30” (76.2 cm).


*Under Development*

30.0” | 76 cm
39.5” | 100 cm
78.75” | 200 cm

Solid teak
Design Within Reach

Drawings include:
Kayu Teak Dining Table long side elevation, long side (objects), short side, plan


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Dining Tables are pieces of furniture designed specifically for formal dining. Commonly sized small with four seats for small families or larger with space for six or more seats for group gatherings, dining tables are the most central element when organizing a dining room layout at home.