Cherner Round Tables

Drawings of the medium and small Cherner Round Tables with measurements on the sides and plans

Cherner Round Tables are curved plywood tables that echo the bent lines of the Cherner Chair. Introduced by Norman Cherner’s son Benjamin Cherner in 2003 to compliment his father’s iconic work, the strong and lightweight Cherner Round Table continues a legacy of quality craftsmanship with two circular sizes for use in more intimate formal and informal settings than provided with the larger Cherner Oval Tables.

Cherner Round Tables come in two diameters: a medium at 48” (121.6 cm), and a small at 40” (101.3 cm). All Cherner Tables have a height of 29.5” (74.6 cm).


*Under Development*

29.5” | 75 cm
40.0”-48.0" | 101-122 cm
40.0”-48.0" | 101-122 cm

Diameter (Medium): 48” | 122 cm
Diameter (Small): 40” | 101 cm

Molded beech wood plywood; walnut veneer
Benjamin Cherner


Drawings include:
Cherner Round Tables (medium and small) side elevation, side (objects), plan (medium), plan (small)

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