Set of standing side elevation drawings of the Moonrat

The Moonrat (Echinosorex gymnura) is a small mammal species not directly related to rats as its name or resemblance suggest. It is the primitive to the tropical hedgehog and has a long tail and black and white fur instead of spines. Moonrats are native to the jungle regions of southern Myanmar, the Thailand Peninsula, Malaysia Peninsula, Borneo, and Sumatra. The Moonrat has a distinct ammonia-like or rotten garlic odor that can be smelled from yards away. Their diet typically consists of snails, crabs, small vertebrates, and fruit.

Moonrats have a shoulder height of 5.5”-8.25” (14-21 cm), body length between 11.8”-17.7” (30-45 cm), and an overall weight in the range of 1.9-2.4 lb (.8-1.1 kg). The tail of the Moonrat is 7.9”-11.8” (20-30 cm) in length. Moonrats have a typical lifespan of 3-7 years in wild and up to 7 years when raised in captivity.


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5.5”-8.25” | 14-21 cm
11.8”-17.7” | 30-45 cm
1.9-2.4 lb | .8-1.1 kg
Tail Length:
7.9”-11.8” | 20-30 cm
Scientific Name:
Echinosorex gymnura
3-7 years (wild); up to 7 years (captivity)


Drawings include:

Moonrat side elevation (standing), front (standing)

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Eulipotyphla is a mammalian order that includes moles, shrews, hedgehogs, and other species. These mammals are generally smaller, ground-dwelling, and feed on invertebrates. The Eulipotyphla are characterized by primitive teeth, poor intellect, small eyes, narrow muzzles, and good hearing and smell.