Drawings of a Rhinoceros in various postures from the side, front, back, and laying down

Rhinoceroses, or rhinos, are large herbivorous mammals with one or two upright horns and thick gray or brown skin. Found in the grasslands and savannas of Africa and Asia, the rhinoceros is one of the most endangered animals on the planet due to rampant poaching for their horns. Rhinos are the world’s second-largest land mammal.

The typical Rhinoceros has an overall height of 66.0"-81.0" (1.7-2.1 m) and body length of 132.0"-165.0" (11’-13’9") (3.4-4.2 m). An average Rhinoceros weighs between 3,500-8,800 lb (1,600-4,000 kg) and has a typical lifespan of 35-40 years.


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66.0"-81.0" (5’6"-6’9") | 1.7-2.1 m
11’-13’9" | 3.4-4.2 m
3,500-8,800 lb | 1,600-4,000 kg
Scientific Name:
35-40 years


Drawings include:
Rhinoceros side elevation (standing), front, back, side (laying down)

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Odd-toed ungulates, in comparison to even-toed ungulates, bear the majority of weight on one toe only; their third toe. The odd-toed ungulate family is rather small, consisting of horses, donkeys, tapirs, and rhinoceros. Odd-toed ungulates digest cellulose in their intestines, not their stomach.