Vella Bench

Set of plan and elevation drawings of the Vella Bench (small) with dimensions for length, depth and height

The Vella Bench is a coordinated masterpiece as the body and legs of the bench are covered in leather for both structural and aesthetic. Taking serval hours to handcraft the Vella Bench, designer Michele di Fonzo emphasizes passion and care with every cut, turn and paste when building the bench.

Dimensioned drawings of the Large version of the Vella Bench with measurements

The Vella Bench has an overall height of 16.25” (41 cm), lengths between 48.5”-65" (123-165 cm), and depth of 16.25” (41 cm).


*Under Development*

16.25” | 41 cm
16.25” | 41 cm
48.5”-65" | 123-165 cm

Length (Medium): 48 1/2” | 123 cm
Length (Large): 65” | 165 cm

Steel or plywood legs and frame; leather upholstery
Michele di Fonzo


Drawings include:
Vella Bench front elevation (medium), front (large), front (woman sitting), side, plan (medium), plan (large)

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Benches are long seats designed to sit multiple people simultaneously. The most basic bench is one without a back, but common benches seen in public areas and parks usually have arm and back rests. Benches are versatile pieces of furniture and may be used in both outdoor or indoor environments.