Dodgeball Court - Elite

Measured plan illustration of an Elite Dodgeball Court dimensioned with overall length and width

Elite Dodgeball is a North American variant of the game of Dodgeball played on a slightly smaller court than a WDBF Dodgeball game. Defined by two attack or play zones and a neutral zone, dodgeball courts are defined by end lines and side lines, with an attack line at the front of the play zone that cannot be passed. The neutral zone is split in half by the court centerline, and is the area just beyond the attack line. Dodgeball is commonly played on an indoor basketball court or tennis court, but the game can be played on both outdoor and indoor courts.

Group of scaled illustrations of various sports courts compared to the Dodgeball Court (Elite)

Elite Dodgeball Courts have an overall length of 50’ (15.24 m), width of 25’ (7.62 m), and have a total area of 1250 ft² (116 m²). The neutral zone in Elite Dodgeball is 10’ (3.05 m). Clearances of 6’ (182.9 cm) on the sides, and 3’ (91.4 cm) on the ends should be provided to accommodate the referee and the queuing areas.


*Under Development*

25’ | 7.62 m
50’ | 15.24 m

Neutral Zone Width: 10’ | 3.05 m
Queue Area Size: 12’ x 3’ | 365.8 x 91.4 cm
Side Clearance: 6’ | 182.9 cm
End Clearance: 3’ | 91.4 cm
Overall Area (Clearance): 2072 ft² | 193 m²
Surface Materials: Best available surface



Drawings include:
Dodgeball Court (Elite) plan, side elevation (players)

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Dodgeball is a team sport where opposing teams try to throw balls and hit opponents while not being hit themselves. Dodgeball is played both recreationally and in leagues, and is comprised of three versions including an elimination game, a timed game, and a scored game based on hits or points.

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8.5” | 21.59 cm (Diameter)
14 oz | 410 g
DodgeballPerspective view of a 3D model of a DodgeballPerspective view of a 3D model of a Dodgeball
30’ | 9.14 m
60’ | 18.29 m
1800 ft² | 167 m²
Dodgeball Court - WDBF
Dodgeball Court - WDBFPerspective view of a 3D model of a Dodgeball Court (WDBF)Perspective view of a 3D model of a Dodgeball Court (WDBF)
25’ | 7.62 m
50’ | 15.24 m
1250 ft² | 116 m²
Dodgeball Court - Elite
Dodgeball Court - EliteView of an Elite Dodgeball Court in 3D available for downloadView of an Elite Dodgeball Court in 3D available for download