Dodgeball Court - WDBF

Top view drawing of a WDBF Dodgeball Court measured with length and width

A WDBF Dodgeball Court is the internationally defined area of play for a game of Dodgeball. Commonly played on an indoor basketball or tennis court, dodgeball courts are defined by end lines and side lines, with an attack line at the front of the play zone that cannot be passed. The neutral zone is split in half by the court centerline, and is the area just beyond the attack line. Dodgeball can be played on both outdoor and indoor courts with some dodgeball courts even being located on sandy beaches.

Elevation illustrations of a Dodgeball Court (WDBF) with players

WDBF Dodgeball Courts have an overall length of 60’ (18.29 ), width of 30’ (9.14 m), and have a total area of 1800 ft² (167 m²). The neutral zone in WDBF Dodgeball is 4’ (1.22 m) wide with attack lines set 10’ (3.05 m) from the center. Clearances of 6’ (182.9 cm) on the sides, and 3’ (91.4 cm) on the ends should be provided to accommodate the referee and queuing areas.


*Under Development*

30’ | 9.14 m
60’ | 18.29 m

Neutral Zone Width: 4’ | 1.22 m
Attack Line: 10’ | 3.05 m (From Center)
Queue Area Size: 12’ x 3’ | 365.8 x 91.4 cm
Side Clearance: 6’ | 182.9 cm
End Clearance: 3’ | 91.4 cm
Overall Area (Clearance): 2772 ft² | 258 m²
Surface Materials: Best available surface



Drawings include:
Dodgeball Court (WDBF) plan

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Dodgeball is a team sport where opposing teams try to throw balls and hit opponents while not being hit themselves. Dodgeball is played both recreationally and in leagues, and is comprised of three versions including an elimination game, a timed game, and a scored game based on hits or points.