Horseshoes is a recreational sport, where players attempt to throw a horseshoe and catch it on or land it near a stake set into the ground. The sport rose in popularity during the early 20th century throughout the United States. Typically placed varying distances from the thrower, the horseshoe stake is the target of aim for the horseshoe. In order to win points, a horseshoe must land within one horseshoe-width of the stake, with the winning horseshoe being closest to, or “ringing” around the stake. The World Horseshoe Tournament continues each year, with the player Alan Francis individually winning 23 total world championships.

How do you build a horseshoe pit?

Start off by having a 40-foot (12 meters) leveled playing area. At each end you drive in two 36-inch (91 centimeters) stakes into the ground at a 12-degree angle until 14-inches (36 centimeters) is above ground. Then loosen the soil around the stakes for the playing area. After that, you create your 32-inch (81 centimeters) by 45-inch (114 centimeters) playing area with lumber.

How do you throw a horseshoe?

Keeping the horseshoe flat in front of you, you want to have the shanks pointing left and grip it using the 1¼ grip. As you pitch the horseshoe, it’ll rotate about 1¼ times in the air before it lands so the grip and the way you throw matter if you want it to be around the stakes.

How far apart are horseshoe stakes?

The horseshoe stakes are 40-feet (12 meters) apart from each other on a leveled playing field. Around each stake is a playing area where you throw the horseshoe. This area is 32-inch (81 centimeters) by 45-inch (114 centimeters) and players must not pass this area when pitching the horseshoe.

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