Bowling is a recreational and competitive sport where players attempt to throw a bowling ball into as many pins as possible. First dated to ancient Egypt, bowling sets have been found in Egyptian tombs and graves. The most common type of bowling is 10 pin bowling, where players attempt to bowl the most successful throw, a strike, as many times as possible. Amongst professional bowlers, competitive leagues are created where individuals attempt to bowl more strikes as a collective group than their opponent teams. Commonly known for the culture of squeaky shoes and failed gutter balls, bowling continues to be an intensely popular sport.

How do you score bowling?

You score points by rolling the bowling ball down the lane and hitting any of the 10 pins, each pin is one point and the more you hit than more points you acquire. You could also not gain points by rolling the bowling ball into the gutters on the side of the bowling lane.

How long is a bowling lane?

Measuring from the foul line to the headpin: 60 feet (18.29 m) long and 42 inches (110 cm) wide not including the gutters on both sides. You also have 15 feet (4.57 m) of waiting/bowling surface before the foul line to prepare the next turn.

When was bowling invented?

A form of bowling can be traced back to 3200 BC in Egypt. A closer form of today’s game originated 2000 years about when roman soldiers were documented throwing rocks at larger skinnier rocks to see who could hit the most.

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