Racquetball, also called paddleball, is a sport played on a court where the opposing player must hit a ball after it has passed the receiving line. The game is based on squash, yet uses smaller rackets than squash. The rubber ball must first hit the front wall, and cannot bounce twice against the floor. The rally is won once the opposing player fails to hit the ball, and the game is won after an individual wins two out of three sets. Players often cover 3,650 feet due to the high amount of movement during the game.

How do you play racquetball?

Racquetball is played in an indoor court and involves 2 players. The goal is to get 15 points by hitting the ball towards the wall in a way that the ball bounces twice for the opponent. Gathering points can only be done by a server and a server only gets two chances before he gives up his turn.

How many calories does racquetball burn?

Racquetball is a game of athleticism, quickness, and agility. You need impeccable hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular stamina to chase and dodge the ball. With a casual 30-minute game can burn 250 calories for a 150-pound person (68 kilograms). Intensifying the game, and you can burn close to 350 calories in 30-minutes.

What is the difference between squash and racquetball?

Squash rackets and balls are smaller than racquetball. Another difference is that there is an “out of bounds” area on the squash court and there isn’t once in racquetball. In both sports, some rules are similar, yet the scoring limit is different: squash is scored up to 9 points and racquetball matches are scored to 15.


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