Measured illustration of a Racquetball dimensioned with overall diameter and circumference

A Racquetball is the ball used to play the Racquetball sport and is shot by players through the use of a Racquetball Racquet. Racquetballs are hollow, constructed from rubber, and are not covered in fabric. They come in a variety of colors, but are traditionally blue.

Each of the color variations of the Racquetball has a purpose. Black Racquetballs are used for longer rallies and are the slowest of all Racquetballs. Blue Racquetballs provide medium speed, green Racquetballs are used for fast rallies, and purple Racquetballs are typically used in professional tournaments. Red Racquetballs are typically used outside and pink Racquetballs are easy to spot indoors.

Collection of illustrations of Racquetballs seen from multiple directions

Racquetballs have a diameter of 2.25” (57 mm) and circumference of 7.07” (18 cm). The mass of a Racquetball is 1.4 oz (40 g).


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2.25” | 57 mm (Diameter)
1.4 oz | 40 g

Circumference: 7.07” | 18 cm

Materials: Rubber



Drawings include:
Racquetball Elevations (various)

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Racquetball, also called paddleball, is a sport played on a court where the opposing player must hit a ball after it has passed the receiving line. The game is based on squash, yet uses smaller rackets. The rubber ball must first hit the front wall, and cannot bounce twice against the floor.