Illustration of various shapes and sizes of potted aloe vera plants for indoor household uses

Aloe vera plants (Aloe barbadensis) are perennial plants popular for their therapeutic healing and soothing properties when used to create ointments and gums. Characterized by their sword-like pointed leaves, aloe vera plants are found in tropical, sub-tropical, and desert regions and are commonly planted in containers for indoor use—though potting an aloe vera may limit its height capabilities.

Aloe vera plants typically grow between 1’-2’ (30-61 cm) tall, but can grow up to 3’ (91 cm) in the right conditions.


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Height (Typical): 1’-2’ | 30-61 cm
Height (Maximum): 3’ | 91 cm
Spread: 1’-3’ | 30-91 cm
Appearance: Thick, short-stemmed, sword-shaped
Climate: Tropical, sub-tropical, desert
Scientific Name: Aloe barbadensis



Drawings include:
Aloe Vera front elevations (multiple)

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Indoor plants, also called houseplants, are plants grown indoors for decorative, psychological or air purification purposes. With a variety of plant shapes, heights, sizes, and custom pots designs to use, indoor plants are often a great addition to any interior space.

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