Badminton Forehand

Collection of drawings of female badminton players performing Badminton Forehands

A Badminton Forehand stroke is any shot performed during the game with a forehand grip. They are done on the racket side of a body. A right-handed player would perform the shot on the right side of the body, and a left-handed player would preform the shot on the left side of the body. Further, all the shots that are hit on top of the body will be forehand strokes. Forehand shots are the most powerful shots of any payer, and they are the most common type of shot on the back of the court.

Collection of drawings of male badminton players performing the Badminton Forehand

Collection of outline illustrations of men and women performing Badminton Forehands


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Skill Type: Offensive



Drawings include:
Badminton Forehand assorted (men, women)


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Badminton is a racket (racquet) sport where players hit a shuttlecock over a net to score points. Badminton can be played in either singles (one player per side) or doubles with court sizes for either game style. Points are scored when the shuttlecock lands on the opposing team’s half of the court.