Badminton Court

Plan drawing of a Badminton Court with dimensions labeled for singles and doubles games

Badminton courts are rectangular and are divided in half by a center net. Regardless of the game type, courts are usually marked for both singles or doubles games. Both play styles require the same court length of 44’ | 13.4 m, but double (full) courts are 20’ | 6.1 m wide and single courts are reduced to 17’ | 5.18 m; shrinking by 1.5’ | .46 m on both sides. Service courts are split by a center line dividing the width of the court and are set back from the net by a ‘short service line’ of 6.5’ | 1.98 m. Doubles games also require a ‘long service line’ that is drawn 2.5’ | .76 m in from the back boundary. Clearances of 2’ | .61 m should be providing around the full court.


*Under Development*


Length: 44’ | 13.41 m
Width (Full/Doubles): 20’ | 6.1 m
Width (Singles): 17’ | 5.18 m
Area (Full): 880 ft2 | 81.75 m2
Clearance: 2’ | .61 m around full perimeter



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Badminton Court plan


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