Beer Pong Cups

Dimensioned elevation drawings and diagrams of Beer Pong Cups and Ping Pong Balls measuring cup opening

Beer pong cups are common plastic party cups used for playing the party game of beer pong. Official regulated by the rules of beer pong as being 16 oz cups in size (though 18 oz cups are also often used), red plastic party cups, specifically red SOLO cups, are iconically known to be the standard cups used for playing the beer pong. Beer pong games start with both teams have their beer pong cups arranged in triangular racks of either 10 or 6 cups.

Dimensioned drawing of standard 10 cup and 6 cup Beer Pong Racks for starting the game

16 oz beer pong cups have a top diameter of 3 5/8” (82 mm), a height of 4 5/8” (117 mm), and a base width of 2 1/4” (57 mm). With beer pong being played with a typical 1.57” (40 mm) ping pong ball, the beer pong ball is approximately 23% of the total open area at the top of the beer pong cup.


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4.625” | 117 mm
3.625” | 92 mm (Diameter)

Base Width: 2.25” | 57 mm
Volume: 16 oz (official) or 18 oz | .47 L or .53 L

Beer Pong Ball:
Diameter: 1.57” | 40 mm



Drawings include:
Beer Pong Cup side elevation, plan (Ping Pong Ball), plan (10 cup rack), plan (6 cup rack)


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Beer Pong, otherwise known as Beirut, is a popular drinking game where players are challenged to throw a standard ping pong ball into the opposing team's cups from the end of a table. Beer Pong is played in teams of two with each player taking one shot per round until all cups are cleared.