Frank Gehry is one of the most famous architects in the world. Born in 1929, he established an architectural practice in 1962, and began working to design commercial and cultural spaces around the world. He is known for his designs that incorporate both modernist and postmodern elements. His most famous work includes the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, the Walt Disney concert hall in downtown LA, and the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. He lives in Santa Monica, California in Gehry House, his deconstructed design of an American suburban home.

Frank Gehry has an estimated height of 5’4" (1.63 m) based on comparative photo analysis.

How tall is Frank Gehry?
Frank Gehry is estimated as being 5 foot 4 inches (1.63 m) tall.


*Under Development*

5’4” | 1.63 m (Estimated)
February 28, 1929


Drawings include:
Frank Gehry front, side, back, sitting (front)


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An architect is a person who designs buildings. They design how the building is going to look, both inside and outside, but also the infrastructure of the building and how the building will be used. To practice architecture means to engage with the spatial practices that make up our lives.