Friesian Horse

Series of side elevation illustrations of the Friesian Horse

The Friesian Horse is a breed of horses from Friesland, the Netherlands. While the shape of the breed is like that of an easy draught, the Friesian horses are pleasant and sizable. The Friesian horse is most recognized for its black color, but often they are born in a chestnut color.

The Friesian breed has a high physical structure and a fine skeleton. Friesian Horses have long, arched necks and smooth, short-oaked heads, much like Spanish Horses. They have solid, bent, slim, muscular bodies with powerful, angled hindquarters and low-set tails. Their limbs are relatively short and strong. A Friesian horse has often a long, dense, wavy, sometimes wavy and feathering mane, a fine, silky fur on the lower legs.

Friesian Horses have a shoulder height of 14.5-17 hands (58”-68” | 147-173 cm), an overall weight in the range of 1200-1400 lb (544-635 kg) and a typical lifespan of 16 years. Friesian Horses have black coats.


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14.5-17 hands (58”-68” | 147-173 cm)
1200-1400 lb | 544-635 kg
Coat Colors:
16 years (Typical)


Drawings include:

Friesian Horse side elevation (standing), front (standing), side (running)

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