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Illustration of diverse pairs of business people shaking hands

Handshakes are a common mode of person to person interaction performed when two people grip and shake the hand of the other. Used for greeting, parting, congratulations, or to make an agreement or promise, the handshake is a universal human exchange in many environments—especially in offices and business transactions. Handshakes are often perceived to be indicators of a persons demeanor and abilities. Strong handshakes are considered confident, while weak handshakes are often seen as shy or timid.

Outline silhouette drawings of business people shaking hands

What does a handshake mean?
Handshakes are used in many cultures as a form of greeting, parting, congratulations, or to make an agreement or promise.
Why is a handshake important?
Handshakes are often known to be indicators of the tone and perception of a businesspersons abilities and character. A strong handshake is considered confident while a weak handshake is often seen as shy or withdrawn.
When was the first handshake?
The first depicted handshake can be found in a 9th century BC stone relief illustrating the Assyrian King Shalmaneser III shaking hands with a Babylonian ruler in alliance.


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Height (Men): 5’9” | 1.75 m average
Height (Women): 5’4” | 1.63 m average
Style: Business Formal
Age: 25-60



Drawings include:
Office | Business People Handshakes elevation (detail), elevation (outline)

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Greeting is the social act of intentionally making oneself known to another and can suggest relationship dynamics and social status depending on the type of greeting used. Greeting can vary from a quick hand gesture or verbal acknowledgement to a more formal series of physical gestures.

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