Fowler's | Semi-Upright Position

The Fowler’s position is a semi-upright medical position where the patient sits with their upper body raised at an angle between 45°-60° in relation to the lower body. The patient’s knees may be straight, bent, or elevated as needed. Named after George Ryerson Fowler, the Fowler’s position is most often used to promote respiration and oxygenation through the expansion of the chest. Fowler’s position can also be used to alleviate abdominal tension, for improved drainage, and for improved comfort while eating.


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Angle: 45°-60°
Legs: Straight, bent, elevated
Purpose: Oxygenation, respiration, relaxing abdomen, feeding, draining



Drawings include:
Fowler's Position side elevation (male)

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Sitting is one of the basic resting positions for humans where the weight of the body is supported by the ground or other horizontal surface such as a chair. Sitting most commonly occurs on the floor or on a raised seat in the form of a chair, stool, bench or similar.